DROG Group is a social business dealing with disinformation in a non-traditional way.

There are multiple levels of counter disinformation: from the direct intervention level up to meta-level solutions. 

At DROG we operate on the meta-level. We need to create our own playing field. Accept that disinformation has a high entertainment value and use those same techniques to make something else, something harmless that will meet the demand.


2022: Generations

How to classify interventions: a generational model. Solution-based definitions

2020: Disinfonomics

A transactional business model to identify precision interventions

2018: Prebunking

The four basic principles that are at the foundation of the Bad News game.

press and awards

our nerd community

At DROG Group we collaborate. Read more about the way we work here. But the most important part is that in our projects there is no clear distincition between freelancers, employees, partners, researchers and policy makers. As a social business we are here to make a positive and sustainable impact on the online world. 

how we work


If we cannot repurpose existing solutions, we line up scientific ideas, identify tech transfers, allocate innovation funding, bounty out the work to fully remote entrepreneurial gigs, and then incubate an independent social business spinout.  

Round up Experts

We take on technology transfer projects with universities and applied scientists. Or we roll our own.

Find funding

We pitch to launching customers, apply for government grants, donations, and investors. 

Find Nerds

We outsource partial gigs globally to remote project members via crypto-bounties, and offshore invoicing. 

Watch Starwars

Fly in some artists, artisans, photographs, hispters to punch them in the face just for funsies.

Scale up, spin-out

When successful we incubate scale-up these projects into products or independent social businesses.

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