Policies and Actions regarding workplace equality
Last revision 15th of December 2022. 



  1. Confession. DROG hired and promoted more women than men… because DROG's a global, remote first, digital nomad, social business, open hiring teal company. And women tend to do much better in such environments.
  2. We don’t have the same HR problems old hierarchical system organisations do. You know, organisations that tend to favour male competitiveness. 
  3. We don’t have to compensate for ancient structures, massage numbers, having management signing off on social hygiene.
  4. We don't have to sign off on top down budgets for bottom up morality, list token hires, to bend culture. 
  5. We don't need to endorse salary systems that might favour dated role models or perpetuating old stereotypes. In the end you realise it's often the "top down endorsing" part is what keeps those very systems alive. 
  6. We’ve built this very structure so in principle it doesn’t need those artificial expressly funded transformational addons. If it's not baked in, it won't be lived reality.
  7. So we admit we slightly overshot the mark, it's not equal. Yet. 


Continuous Improvement

  1. And that is because we are committed to stuff that makes long term social business sense: over-promoting women and creating a workplace that is over-inclusive and over-diverse is a result. 
  2. We don’t need to believe that a diverse and inclusive workforce will lead to greater creativity, innovation, and productivity, we know. And we have a track record to show for it. 
  3. Notwithstanding these lofty insights, there’s always blind spots, and hubris, and things we might overlook. This is very the reason we invite others to challenge us to always hire out of our comfort zone. Ageism, people from low productivity regions. 
  4. To this end, we have developed a “Don’t be a dick!” poster that outlines our commitment to promoting gender and more equality not just in our workplace but also with the organisation we work with. 

Don't Be A Dick!

  1. DROG Group is committed to maintaining a respectful and inclusive workplace environment, where everyone is treated with dignity and fairness. This is reflected in their "Don't be a dick!" policy, which is emphasized at the beginning and throughout every project.
  2. The company has established a dedicated intervision system that specifically addresses any form of harassment, especially those related to intersex and gender issues. Additionally, every contract includes a mediation clause to resolve conflicts.
  3. DROG Group recognizes the importance of personal boundaries and respects the wishes of its employees and colleagues. They do not touch anyone without their consent and address them in the way they feel most comfortable.
  4. The company values diversity and inclusivity in its hiring practices by employing mostly women and men, including those from left-behind or war-torn regions and refugees. They also hire outside of the usual age brackets.
  5. Women are well-represented in hiring and project management roles at DROG Group, and the company has a transparent and open pay system, where women tend to earn more.
  6. Everyone is encouraged to hire as far out of their comfort zone as possible and ask what we can do to frontrun what we want to see in this world. 
  7. DROG Group understands the demands of family life and welcomes interruptions from employees' children during meetings. They consider kids to be "end-bosses" and embrace their presence in the workplace.
  8. Finally, DROG Group's intervision system encourages candid and honest feedback between employees, with the understanding that there is no need to choose between being a jerk and being incompetent. 

In short you may confront, and challenge us, with radical candour. Tell us “DON’T BE A DICK!” whenever you feel that hubris got the better of us. Striving to do better. 


Eliminating Gender Bias in Recruitment, Hiring, and Promotion Processes:

  1. We periodically review our recruitment, hiring, and promotion processes to identify any gender biases and take steps to eliminate them.
  2. We will have others check our diversity and inclusion policy emphasises gender equality in our hiring practices.
  3. We will establish a gender-balanced interview panel for all recruitment and promotion interviews.
  4. We will have every hire evaluate these action points in their continuance and end of project assessment. 

Pay Equity regardless of Gender, Age, Region, Orientation

  1. So, as we admitted, we pay women more, usually. Because they tend to stay longer, and achieve more. We tend to rather correct from overshooting that undershooting. That being said, equal opportunity means that.
  2. For that we have payment review processes to ensure that compensation is regularly reviewed and adjusted to address any pay disparities. 

Safe and Inclusive Workplace

  1. We require completed training on diversity issues for all contractors
  2. We have intervision reporting mechanisms for employees to report any instances of harassment or discrimination and take immediate action to address them. 

Equal Opportunities for Career Development

  1. We provide at least equal opportunities for career development and training for all genders. 
  2. We have established a mentoring program to especially support the career development of women in our workplace.

Caregiving Responsibilities

  1. We encourage Work-Life Balance and support for contractors with caregiving responsibilities
  2. We provide flexible work arrangements to support employees with caregiving responsibilities.
  3. We established a parental leave policy that provides equal opportunities for men and women. 

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