The very best interventions that help societies and organisations deal with disinformation

Global Reach

More intercultural data for your social studies. 

"DROG has made our study on prebunking into a viral marketing success, Harmony Square. Now we have worldwide data to work with..."  

Dr Jon Roozenbeek - British Scientist

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Tech transfer, dissiminate and exploit scientific insights dealing with disinformation... and have fun doing it.


If we cannot repurpose existing solutions, we line up scientific ideas, identify tech transfers, allocate innovation funding, bounty out the work to fully remote entrepreneurial gigs, and then incubate an independent social business spinout.  

Round up Experts

We take on technology transfer projects with universities and applied scientists. Or we roll our own.

Find funding

We pitch to launching customers, apply for government grants, donations, and investors. 

Find Nerds

We outsource partial gigs globally to remote project members via crypto-bounties, and offshore invoicing. 

Watch Starwars

Fly in some artists, artisans, photographers, and hipsters to watch a movie. Because that's what they do.

Scale up, spin-out

When successful we incubate scale-up these projects into products or independent social businesses.

GEN 5 Interventions are here!

Disinformation is adapting rapidly. So are interventions that deal with it. 

Presenting the newest 2022 Fifth generation of interventions, which we call: 

Interactivist Interventions

Interactivists Interventions hold that the best way to get people on board with their ideas is through group work, engagement and discussion. 

Intervention Model

At DROG we distinguish successive generations of interventions dealing with disinformation. DROG Disinformation Intervention Model (DIM-model). At DROG we are at the forefront of exploring new insights and policy recommendations, whilst optimising best practices. 

Award winning

Others say we do a good job productising new scientific insights. Check out our Design of the Year nomination , our Fast Company honorable mention , or our Brouwers Trust Prize. We like that. 

Science Driven

We work with (applied) scientists from the most prestigious universities. Applying next generation insights onto scalable and data-driven interventions.

Global Reach

Dealing with disinformation doesn't stop at borders. Why should we? In order to work with the brightest people, we operate fully remote, have local partner organizations all over the world and disseminate globally.

Independent Interventions

Binkhorst Institute for Cognitive Security

Decentralised international think-tank designing open source models and frameworks for disinformation assessment.

TILT Studio: Monitoring and Interventions

The world's first successful inoculation effort against disinformation. Award-winning games, surveys and monitoring. Focussed on the Netherlands.

Cooperation: Life long learning workshops

Sound and Vision is our local partner in the Netherlands for implementing our workshops with thousands of participants so far.