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Global Intiatives that

Manipulate manipulation manipulatively

And make that work.

We create

We are globally known for our innovative solutions to counter online subversion. We attract bright minds from all industries to develop award-winning solutions that last. Effective, nimble and straightforward.

We connect

All our initiatives overlap and share resources, yet at the same time we apply strict boundaries to them to stay sharp within our respective fields: policy, cyber security, education, journalism, (strategic) communication. Internal collaboration is possible through DROG and DROG, in turn, provides external expertise through its extensive network.

We lead

Disinformation is not about narratives. Instead, all organisations founded by DROG deal with tactics, techniques, behavior and other quantifiable markers. Psychological and sociological manipulation are tarnishing our societies, irrelevant of their contents.

We verify

Everything we do is tested, evaluated and criticised by our scientific partners and results are published in peer-reviewed journals.

We strive

Online subversion is not just about being misinformed, its implications of polarisation and emotional reactions can even cause physical harm. We strive to protect our unalienable right to the pursuit of happiness. Not seeking it, but living it. Not individually, but as society.

Ventures and intiatives

DROG is a venture builder. We do projects but we like to turn those into longer lasting ventures with dedicated funding. Some of our latest include. 

Research Institute

Influencer startup interaction design. Paradigm shift research & development partner network iteration lean.

Monitoring & Interventions

Award-winning games, surveys and monitoring. 


Together with our local partner Sound and Vision we do workshops.